Beetroot is loaded with soluble fibre and functions as an excellent laxative. Bowel problems which are an anxious stomach problem can be handled by adding beetroot into your meals. Beet is a fantastic cleaner for the colon and regularizes bowels.

We all know that beetroot is a dark red vegetable   which has had a lot of coverage in the news. Beetroot is very much beneficial to improve stamina, boost blood flood and lower blood pressure.

So lets us see the truth behind Beetroot?    

 Beetroot facts

Beetroot vegetable is a popular in Roman times and this was used in order to treat fever constipation, wounds, and skin problems and many more.  You all know the taste of beetroot sweet, earthy, and tender.  

Beetroot includes these natural nutrients potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid, carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants and soluble fibre. Thus it is a healthy for your health. 

8 Healthy Reasons to Eat Beets:

1.  Weight Loss

Beets taste sweet but then also it holds only 60 calories and beside this it is full of fiber. Thus it is a perfect food that helps to control weight. The research found that sugar in beetroot contains lot of nutrients and phytochemicals

2.  Brain and Energy Boost

Beetroot have higher amount of nitrates which are converted to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is helps to expand the walls of blood vessels so this is a reason that you get more oxygen and more nutrients and more energy which boost your brain and keep you active for long time.   

3.  Nature’s Viagra

A very first person who uses beets was by the ancient Romans, who used them medicinally as an aphrodisiac. Many plants have been considered an aphrodisiac by some culture at a while, but in this situation it may be more than just unrealistic.

As mentioned above, beets can increase blood vessels circulation due to their nitrates. Increased blood vessels circulation to the vaginal areas is one of the systems Viagra pill and other medication create their effects.  Beets also contain high amounts of boron, which is proportional to the development of human sex hormones.

 4.  Super Antioxidant for a Long, Healthy, Pain-Free Life

Antioxidants help to reverse the daily gathered deterioration on one's body system, known as ageing. Beets are a very good resource of generally known antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese, but it is their lesser-known antioxidants which provide them with their real value.

The blood-red color of beets contains antioxidants called betalains which help in the areas of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation.  

5.  Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

The inflammatory response is a natural function of one’s body which helps you to save our lifestyles when it reacts to the serious pressures in our lifestyles, like infection and injury. Due to the continuous stress in our modern lifestyles, however, this inflammation becomes serious. It is as though our human is regularly in a battle. Inflammation has been connected to a number of symptoms and illnesses including:

• Wrinkles

• Susceptibility to infections

• Cancer

• Arthritis

• Bronchitis

• Chronic pain

• Diabetes

• High blood pressure

• Osteoporosis

• Heart disease

• Candidiasis

 6.  Cancer Prevention

Preliminary tests recommend that beetroot consumption can be one of the useful means to prevent bronchi and cancer. Other research that beet juice prevents the development of cancer-causing substances called nitrosamines.      

7.  Cell Detoxification and Cleansing

The anti-oxidants in beets support what is called phase 2 cleansing.  In phase 2 cleansing, undesirable harmful ingredients are chemical along with a small vitamin group. This mixture neutralizes the toxins and makes them completely water-soluble so they can be eliminated through the urine.

This is therefore strong washing on a mobile level that may have long lasting health advantages.

 8.  Improved Mental Health

The betalains in beets has been used in certain therapies of depressive disorders. It also contains tryptophan, which relaxes the brain and makes a feeling of well-being, just like chocolate. Enjoy!